Monthly Archives: July, 2012

Wooden Geometric Statement Necklace

I’ve for some reason really gotten into the mood for making jewelry, so I warn you in advance that the months ahead may be filled with lots of jewelry tutorials; but, I’ll try to throw in the odd tutorial for some other craft to at least keep some variety to this blog! Today I’m sharing …

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Knitted Bath Pouf

Call it a ‘bath srubber’, a ‘pouf’, or whatever you like. But today I am going to teach you how to make one. To make this you need to know how to cast on, do the knit stitch, and although not completely necessary it is recommended you know how to purl so that you can …

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Plastic Bottle Ring Necklace

This bottle ring necklace was inspired by beyond bracelets video where she made pendents using plastic bottle rings covered in embroidery floss to make pendents in her video here: I decided to take the idea, and use it to make this statement necklace. The steps to make this necklace are with pictures: 1.Using a …

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