Welcome to my craft tutorial blog,

I created this blog as a means to share my craft ideas and tutorials with other crafters as I too am one constantly on the web looking for new craft ideas. Any crafter knows many of us love to borrow ideas for one another, and on this blog I’m happy to explain any of my tutorials, and how I did something. For me crafts is mainly a hobby and something to do on the side. I do sell some jewelry though on my other wordpress blog rsjewelrydesigns.wordpress.com. I hope that you enjoy all the past, present, and future posts on this blog. I do anything from knitting, paper crafts, making beauty products, jewelry, and much more. Crafts are probably one of my biggest hobbies.

A few other about me things are that I am a college student at the moment, and hoping for a future in a nursing career. For me crafts need to stay a hobby, as much as I love them I could never to art as a career. I feel if I had to spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week doing crafts, then I may ruin crafts and art for myself. Further I do have I’d say at least a couple more interests, I love skiing, cooking, and I am a huge fan of musicals.

I hope that you enjoy this blog!


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  1. Hey Rebecca! You have some really fun ideas here on your blog!

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