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Pencil Crayon Necklace Tutorial #2

Here I am with yet another pencil crayon necklace tutorial. For this necklace though that I made, the supplies needed are: – pencil crayons – a pencil sharpener – a ruler – an electric drill – a saw (preferably an electric type of saw. I myself used a scroll saw) – varnish *optional The steps with …

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Junk Mail Cards

So I was inspired by various pieces of art I have seen around, that utilize old magazine and junk mail, so I decided to start making some “junk mail cards”. In order to do this craft the supplies you will need are: -card stock -some junk mail or magazines you are willing to cut up …

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Seed Bomb Tutorial

Seed bombs are balls made from paper or soil that contain seeds within them, and can be dropped in to soil. The balls I’m going to teach you to make involve just some seeds and newspaper.  The great thing about seed bombs is that you don’t really need to bury them, all you need to …

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Braided fabric headband (upcycled t-shirt tutorial)

Okay, as promised, here is the headband tutorial. This tutorial I got from and for this tutorial you simply need: -some jersey knit cotton (I used an old t-shirt) -a needle and thread (or a machine can be used and/or fabric glue) The steps for this start out essentially the same as for the …

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Flower Necklace (upcycled tee-shirt) DIY

So one of my t-shirts started looking pretty ratty so I knew SOMETHING needed to be made out of it so I made this necklace in addition to a matching headband (which I will post in a few days!). To make this necklace you will need: – fabric (I used an old t-shirt. Jersey knit …

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Jersey Knit Headband

So this is a pretty simple craft to make with any old cotton clothing you we’re thinking about throwing out. I am one of those people who never throws out old clothes because I am convinced there is always something that can still be made out of them! For this head band you  first are …

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Homemade paper (cards)

I love making cards, and even more than that, I love making paper for cards! The process to make paper I’m going to explain here allows for paper that is 100% recycled (If you use paper from your recycling bin that is) and gives a great texture to the card. To make paper it requires …

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Reusable knitted Produce Bags

So I’m getting into the whole eco friendly thing, and despite it being only February I’ve already started on making my mothers day gift to my mom. I knitted the first of what I hope to be 5 bags for her to use in buying produce; instead of your typical plastic bag. I knitted using …

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Upcycled Pencil Crayon Necklace

I made this necklace the other day using short pencil crayons, no longer any good for colouring. I found this idea while googling eco friendly recycled jewelry; and figured I should try it out. I cut the pencil crayons to the size I wanted using an electric scroll saw, however you should be fine with …

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Magazine Collage Bangle

I created this bangle awhile back by simply buying an old wooden bangle from value village. Then I simply cut out strips from a magazine in a variety of colours. From there you can simply use liquid white glue to attach the strips on around the bangle. From there give a glaze finish to it …

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