Cotton and Wax Fire Starters

Here’s a tutorial for those of you who love camping. Credit for the original tutorial for this craft goes to JERRM’s Outside The tutorial is really simple for this and all it requires is candles and cotton pads.

To make this get your cotton pads ready, and decided how you want to melt your wax. I simply lit candles and let them melt as I poured the hot wax on to the cotton pads. You can also just melt wax on a stove top in a pot, or stick it in a glass bowl in the oven and let it melt. The method you use will help determine whether you pour the wax on to the cotton pad, or simply dip the cotton pad into the melted wax. Make sure you cover both sides of the cotton pad with wax.

When you want to use one of these to start a fire, simply tear it in half so the fibers are exposed, to help your campfire catch easier.


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