Bungee Cord Necklace

bungee cord necklace

To make this bungee cord necklace, the supplies you will need are:

– 2 bungee cords (mine were 24 inches-60cm long bungee cords, just make sure they’re long enough you can slide the necklace over your head!
– 1 piece of copper piping that is about 1-2 inches
– a hot glue gun
– scissors

First your will need to remove the hooks on the end of the bungee cord by either prying them off, or cut your bungee cord using scissors. After doing this I suggest using a candle, hold the ends near the flame of a candle (don’t actually touch the candle!) and the heat will cause the ends of the bungee cord to melt a little, so that the fabric around them doesn’t unravel.

Make sure that you now slide on the piece of copper pipe, before you glue the ends of the bungee cord together!

Using your glue gun, glue together the ends of your bungee cord

once the ends on both bungee cords are glued together, then you will need to add a big blob of hot glue on top of the part where they are glued together. Once you have done this, slide the piece of pipe in place, and make sure that the side with the blob of glue is stuck to the inside of the pipe.

Your necklace is now complete!


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