Plastic Bottle Ring Necklace

This bottle ring necklace was inspired by beyond bracelets video where she made pendents using plastic bottle rings covered in embroidery floss to make pendents in her video here:

I decided to take the idea, and use it to make this statement necklace. The steps to make this necklace are with pictures:
1.Using a screw driver, pry of several plastic rings off of bottles, so you have about 15 of these, or enough so that lined up side by side they are about 9 inches/54cm.
2.Leaving a tail end of about 1 inch so you can knot it at the end, begin wrapping the embroidery floss, one way around the bottle cap.
3.In order to change colours of embroidery floss, use a knot to join pieces together, as you go along, leaving about 1cm long ends.
4.At the end, you will then use the to tail ends of the embroidery floss and knot them together.
5.Use a double knot to keep them in place, and trim the ends so they’re about 1cm long.
6.Repeat this process for all the bottle caps needed to make this necklace.

From there, once you have made all the rings needed for the necklace, the final few steps are:
1.Using metal jumprings, join all the rings together ride by side
2.Use about 8inches/20cm worth of chain, and attach this to both ends of the bottle ring portion of the necklace, with the help of your pliers. (The chain that I used was 6.40 mm, and I found it at Michaels)
3.This is now what your necklace should look like!



  1. Great ideal Can kids do this too?

    • Thanks. I think for most kids (especially older ones) they can do this. They may need a bit of help using pliers to attach jump rings to it.

  2. Eh. A little tacky..cut off the ends maybe?..Nice try though. Good job. 🙂

  3. Jacki

    I like the ends. It makes it interesting. 🙂

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