Homemade Hot Pack With Rice Filling

This tutorial is going to teach you how to sew your own Hot Pack, with a rice filling. Hot packs can be great for any sort of muscle pains, pregnancy, and even just to go to sleep. I’m not much of a sewer, but hot packs are fairly simple to make so long as you know how to operate a sewing machine. The Supplies you need for this are:
– A sewing machine along with a spool of thread
– fabric of your choice (cotton or flannel is best)
– fabric scissors
– an iron
– rice and any other additives you want in the filling (ie. essential oils, dried flowers like lavender, cloves, spices such as cinnamon)

The steps alongside pictures for this project are:

1. Iron the fabric that you chose
2. Cut out your fabric. I choose to cut mine into a rectangular shape, but some people prefer square shaped hot packs. I made mine so that when the rectangle piece of fabric is folded and sewn up, my hot pack would measure about 12 inches in length, and about 3 inches in height.
3. keep the end where you need to pour the rice in open, sew up all the other sides of your hot pack.
4. Now flip you rice pack inside out, before we move on to the next steps.

5. From here, measure out how much rice you need to fill your hot pack, and if you would like, mix in any additives with it, such as: essential oils, open up a bag of your favorite tea and put it in, add in dried flowers or plants that give off a nice scent, add spices like whole cloves, or powdered cinnamon.
6. From here, using a funnel, pour your mixture of rice and any additives into the hot pack.

7. For the end that is still open, close it up by folding it down about 1cm, and the fold it a second time again at about 1cm. From there, using the zig-zag stitch on the machine, sew it up so all the content stay inside the hot pack.
8. Finally, although not necessary, it can be a good idea to sew a few chambers in your hot pack. You can use either the straight stitch, or the zig-zag stitch to create these chambers. This then keeps the contents in the hot pack more evenly distributed

Hope you enjoy your hot pack! This can always make a great and easy gift to make and give to people for holiday’s, and everyone appreciated the hard work put into a DIY project!


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