First Craft Fair Ever

So I just wanted to share with you all the fact that I just did my first craft fair, and wanted to share a few pictures of the items that I sold there! First off I made some cold process soap to sell. I’ve debated making a tutorial on making cold process soap, although it’s hard to take picture of myself doing it, while I’m all decked out in rubber gloves and googles. Let me know though if you want a tutorial, and I will do my best. CP soap Next I made some of my infamous pencil crayon jewelry. The technique to make these beads are the same as in my post found here As a quick little craft, I also knitted some dish scrubbers. These took only about 40 minutes for me to make one, and I’m a relatively slow knitter too! Perhaps I can make a tutorial for this one as well at some point. Apart from that I sold a bunch more jewelry, alongside some knitted scarves and hats. I also sold some of my handmade cards, including my embroidered cards (tutorial here), and my junk mail cards (tutorial found here)

Any of you ever done a craft fair before? How did it go for you, and what kinds of items did you sell?


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