Wearable Art, Fashion Show Pictures

So this post will not be a tutorial; but, I thought I’d dig up some photos of some dresses that I made out of recycled materials back in High School, for a wearable art fashion show for charity. My first dress below got me an ‘honorable mention’ and in my opinion was the better of the two. The dress was made out of paper beads, all of which I rolled and strung together myself. The paper for them came out of a bunch of National Geographic magazines, some of which were dated back to the 70’s and 80’s! It took about 1,300 beads to make the dress, and a lot of hours (though don’t ask me how many, because I can’t say I counted the number of hours). I managed to make it in about a months time though, and chose to model it myself.


The second dress that I made, pictured below, won me first place, although I still stand by my opinion that my first dress was the better of the two. The corset top for this was made on a weaving loom, and woven into it was everything from electrical wires, wrappers, the tape out of old cassettes, lint, and shredded paper. The skirt was made by first sewing the basic shape for it, out of plastic grocery bags. From there using double sided tape, I attached food wrappers. Finally using my left over wrappers I also made myself a bow for my hair.


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