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Spring Flower Necklace Tutorial

So spring is finally here, so I thought I’d share with you how to make this flower necklace to wear. To make this necklace you will need the following supplies: -Thread -a sewing needle -fabric scissors -fabric of your choice -a hot glue gun -thick chain -ribbon The steps to make this then with pictures …

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Junk Mail Cards

So I was inspired by various pieces of art I have seen around, that utilize old magazine and junk mail, so I decided to start making some “junk mail cards”. In order to do this craft the supplies you will need are: -card stock -some junk mail or magazines you are willing to cut up …

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Seed Bomb Tutorial

Seed bombs are balls made from paper or soil that contain seeds within them, and can be dropped in to soil. The balls I’m going to teach you to make involve just some seeds and newspaper.  The great thing about seed bombs is that you don’t really need to bury them, all you need to …

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Knitting: How to do the Knit Stitch

So now that you have already cast on your stitches onto your knitting needle (casting on tutorial here:, then you are ready to being the process of actually knitting. If you learned to cast on the way I taught in my tutorial linked above, then you will notice that there is hardly any difference between …

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Knitting: how to cast on stitches

click here to jump to how to do the knit stitch: So I decided I will post on my blog some tutorials explaining the basics of knitting, for those of you who want to learn how to knit. For the first tutorial I will teach how to cast on stitches in knitting. When you read …

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Book Necklace DIY

So I think it is time for another Anthropologie inspired knock-off craft! I made this super cute book stack necklace the other day. The supplies you will need to make this is: -some paper (I cut pages from an old book to make the book pages look authentic) -scrap leather -scissors -white glue -a hot …

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