Wooden Geometric Statement Necklace

I’ve for some reason really gotten into the mood for making jewelry, so I warn you in advance that the months ahead may be filled with lots of jewelry tutorials; but, I’ll try to throw in the odd tutorial for some other craft to at least keep some variety to this blog! Today I’m sharing with you the tutorial for this fun, summery, wooden, geometrical necklace that I made. The supplies you’ll need to make this are:
– 16-20 square wooden shapes (buy from a craft store or cut your own, your choice!)
– acrylic paints
– an electric drill
– chain
– jump rings
– pliers
– jewelry clasp

The steps are with photos below as always:

1. Using 16-20 wooden shapes (I originally used 20, but in the end my preference was 16 once I wore the necklace), drill a hole in one corner of each square. The hole needs to be big enough to later put a jump ring through.
2. Paint you squares in 4 different colours, as seen in the photo
3. Using pliers, open a jump ring to attach your wooden square to your chain, and then close the jump ring up again. You will also need to use jump rings to attach a jewelry clasp at the end of your chain (making sure your chain is the length you’d like it to be, my necklace is 45cm/16inches long.)
4. As you can see in the image, I attached my squares two away from the square before it, you may decide to do it a bit differently though based on the size of your chain and personal taste.

There you have it, A stylish statement necklace for summer!


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