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Felt Flower DIY

So here’s a simple tutorial for a flower made out of a piece of felt. This can make a great decoration for on a hat, or even as a fake flower decoration in your home. All you need to make this is: -a sheet of felt -scissors -glue the steps for making the flower are …

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Braided fabric headband (upcycled t-shirt tutorial)

Okay, as promised, here is the headband tutorial. This tutorial I got from and for this tutorial you simply need: -some jersey knit cotton (I used an old t-shirt) -a needle and thread (or a machine can be used and/or fabric glue) The steps for this start out essentially the same as for the …

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Flower Necklace (upcycled tee-shirt) DIY

So one of my t-shirts started looking pretty ratty so I knew SOMETHING needed to be made out of it so I made this necklace in addition to a matching headband (which I will post in a few days!). To make this necklace you will need: – fabric (I used an old t-shirt. Jersey knit …

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Pi Pie

Okay I know this blog is more for crafts than cooking, but I couldn’t resist showing you guys a picture of the pie I made for Pi day! happy pi day everyone! Oh and fun fact, it’s also Albert Einsteins birthday today!

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Knitted Honeycomb skirt

So I finally finished knitting this skirt! My inspiration for it was a knitted honeycomb skirt from Fendi selling for $1,250…sounds like a DIY project for under $5 to me! Okay so to make this skirt your going to need to know how to do ribbing (this is just K1, P1 repeated. Go to this …

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Jersey Knit Headband

So this is a pretty simple craft to make with any old cotton clothing you we’re thinking about throwing out. I am one of those people who never throws out old clothes because I am convinced there is always something that can still be made out of them! For this head band you ¬†first are …

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