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First Craft Fair Ever

So I just wanted to share with you all the fact that I just did my first craft fair, and wanted to share a few pictures of the items that I sold there! First off I made some cold process soap to sell. I’ve debated making a tutorial on making cold process soap, although it’s …

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Cotton and Wax Fire Starters

Here’s a tutorial for those of you who love camping. Credit for the original tutorial for this craft goes to JERRM’s Outside The tutorial is really simple for this and all it requires is candles and cotton pads. To make this get your cotton pads ready, and decided how you want to melt your wax. I simply …

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Homemade Hot Pack With Rice Filling

This tutorial is going to teach you how to sew your own Hot Pack, with a rice filling. Hot packs can be great for any sort of muscle pains, pregnancy, and even just to go to sleep. I’m not much of a sewer, but hot packs are fairly simple to make so long as you …

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Pencil Crayon Necklace Tutorial #2

Here I am with yet another pencil crayon necklace tutorial. For this necklace though that I made, the supplies needed are: – pencil crayons – a pencil sharpener – a ruler – an electric drill – a saw (preferably an electric type of saw. I myself used a scroll saw) – varnish *optional The steps with …

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Wooden Geometric Statement Necklace

I’ve for some reason really gotten into the mood for making jewelry, so I warn you in advance that the months ahead may be filled with lots of jewelry tutorials; but, I’ll try to throw in the odd tutorial for some other craft to at least keep some variety to this blog! Today I’m sharing …

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Knitted Bath Pouf

Call it a ‘bath srubber’, a ‘pouf’, or whatever you like. But today I am going to teach you how to make one. To make this you need to know how to cast on, do the knit stitch, and although not completely necessary it is recommended you know how to purl so that you can …

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Tissue Paper Flower

I wanted to share with you all this photo tutorial for a tissue paper flower, that is a great craft for both adults and kids, and can create some neat looking decorations for a party.

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DIY Photo Coasters

For Father’s Day, I decided to make for my dad these photo coasters. The supplies you need to make these are: -tiles (can be found at Rona or Home Depot, 4×4 is a good size to go with) -photographs (6×4, can be colored or grey scale like mine) -scissors -glue stick -tacky glue -felt (self-adhesive …

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DIY tea bags with both Chai and Relaxant Tea Recipes!

So I wanted to share with you an idea from http://52weeksproject.com to make your own teabags, and with this craft I have devised a couple of different tea recipes, one of which is for chai tea, and the other a relaxant tea using mint leaves, lemon balm leaves, and dried lavender. To begin with making …

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Bird Nest Necklace

I wanted to share with you all my tutorial for the infamous bird nest necklace. To make this necklace you will need 3 beads (whether or not they match is your choice), some crafting wire (at least a meters worth), and a chain to put your pendent on. The tutorial is a relatively quick one, …

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