DIY Photo Coasters

For Father’s Day, I decided to make for my dad these photo coasters. The supplies you need to make these are:
-tiles (can be found at Rona or Home Depot, 4×4 is a good size to go with)
-photographs (6×4, can be colored or grey scale like mine)
-glue stick
-tacky glue
-felt (self-adhesive felt savers also work)
-clear acrylic sealer, or some type of clear varnish (make sure it’s waterproof)

The steps to make these with images are:

1. Using scissors or a paper cutter, cut your photographs into squares, so that they fit on the coaster, and have a bit of a border around them where the tile is showing.
2. Simply use a gluestick to glue the image on to the tile coaster.
3. From here using your acrylic sealer, or varnish, and paint/spray over the entire photograph and tile. I suggest before you paint on your photograph on the coaster, that you take the end pieces of your photograph and test the varnish or sealer on there to ensure that you like the look, and that is does not in any way discolor your photo.
4. Your final step then is to on the back of the coaster add little cut up felt squares with tacky glue, or use self-adhesive felt savers to allow your coasters to move around the table with out scratching anything.

In total this craft cost me just over $10.00, and the coasters look gorgeous, and are a great conversation piece for when people come over.


DIY tea bags with both Chai and Relaxant Tea Recipes!

So I wanted to share with you an idea from to make your own teabags, and with this craft I have devised a couple of different tea recipes, one of which is for chai tea, and the other a relaxant tea using mint leaves, lemon balm leaves, and dried lavender.

To begin with making the tea bags you will need:
-paper coffee filters
-a sewing machine
-a stapler

the steps for making the tea bags are:

1.First what you are going to do is fold your coffee filter in half
2.then cut out the center portion of the coffee filter
3.from here, cut the coffee filter into 1.5-2inch wide pieces are going to then take these two pieces and sew them together

Now for steps five and six, is the point in which you will fill your coffee bag with either loose leaf tea, or else the contents of one of the recipes below (or any other recipe you may have):

Chai Tea Recipe:
-1/2 tsp of minced dried ginger root (or else a pinch of powdered ginger)
-a pinch (1/8tsp) of ground cloves
-a pinch (1/8tsp) of ground cardamom pods
-a pinch (1/8 tsp) of all spice
-2 tsp of powdered milk (this way very little or no milk needs to be added to the recipe)
-1 heaping teaspoon of black tea (optional: I originally tried it with black tea in it, but I found it’s just as yummy without!)
* When making the tea you can add milk and sugar as needed

Relaxant Tea Recipe:
-1 tsp of dried lavendar
-1/2 tsp of crushed dried mint leaves
-1/2 tsp of crushed dried lemon balm leaves
*For this tea when drinking it, you can add in a bit of honey to add to the flavour to it

Now the steps to complete this project are as follows:
7. Fold in corners on an angle, and fold down the top.
8. Staple down the top, while also stapling down your piece of string that is a few inches long.
9. This step is entirely optional and just for looks, but using cut out paper shapes you can on the end of your string glue down a shape with white glue, attaching another piece of paper cut out in the same shape on the other side.
10. Finally your tea bags are complete, and for both recipes should store for at least a few months!

linked here:

Bird Nest Necklace

I wanted to share with you all my tutorial for the infamous bird nest necklace. To make this necklace you will need 3 beads (whether or not they match is your choice), some crafting wire (at least a meters worth), and a chain to put your pendent on. The tutorial is a relatively quick one, and creates a great look to add to your wardrobe. To make this necklace the steps are:

1. Slide your three beads onto your crafting wire.
2.From here begin wrapping your wire around the three beads dozens of times, till you are satisfied with the appearance of your birds nest.
3.In order to keep the nest together, about 3-4 times around the edge of the nest you will want to go around all the wire for the birds nest as in the picture with your crafting wire, to help hold it together. While doing this make sure to also add a small loop through which you can slide your chain through in order to be able to wear the birds nest.
4. This is about what your necklace should then look like.

Embroidered Cards Tutorial

Embroidering on cards can create a neat look. In order to do this project you will need:
-card stock paper
-embroidery floss and scissors
-an image you want to embroider on to the card (If you want to use the image that I am using in this tutorial you can find it here
-a sewing needle
-a thumbtack, compass, or pin to poke holes into the card stock
-a piece of cardboard or Styrofoam over which to poke the holes

From here the steps with pictures are:

1. gather all your supplies together, and make your piece of card stock the size you want your card to be.
2. from here, on the front of your card, you will place the image you wish to create where you want it.
3. using a thumbtack or other sharp object, go around making holes in your image, making sure the holes are no more than 1cm apart
4. Once your finished piercing holes you can remove your image from the card. It should then look like this.
5. From here, begin taking your needle and embroidering on your card.
6. This is about what your finished project should look like, depending on the image you choose.

* to find an image to work with you can do a google image search, using “outline” “colouring page” and “silhouette” as some good keywords.

Spring Flower Necklace Tutorial

So spring is finally here, so I thought I’d share with you how to make this flower necklace to wear. To make this necklace you will need the following supplies:
-a sewing needle
-fabric scissors
-fabric of your choice
-a hot glue gun
-thick chain

The steps to make this then with pictures are:

1. gather all the supplies needed for this craft
2. you are going to now need your ribbon, and your piece of chain through which you will weave the ribbon.
3. to do the weaving through the chain, skip one link in the chain, and put it through the next link in the chain, repeating this.
4. do this for as long as you want your necklace to be (mine is about 24 inches)making sure it’s long enough to go over your head, otherwise you will need to ignore the next part, and add a clasp to the necklace. Assuming it will be big enough to slip over your head, then stitch the ends of the ribbon and chain together (later you can place one of your fabric flowers to go over this, and hide it).

Now the next part of this tutorial will be on how to make the flowers out of your chosen fabric, to add to your necklace. These steps with pictures are:

1. cut out a rectangular piece of fabric about 3 by 6 inches (7 by 14 cm).
2. fold this rectangular piece in half (hot dog style), and loosely stitch along the edge of the two pieces folded together.
3. once stitched along that entire edge, gather the fabric.
4. take the loose ends on either side of the stitched piece and double knot them together as tightly as possible.
5. You will have an edge now on your flower where you will need to stitch the two sides up along the edge.
6. this is now what your flower should look like

Finally we just need to now assemble the entire necklace and attach the flowers to the ribbon a chain. For this part the steps with pictures are:

1. get together all the fabric flowers for your necklace, and decide where you want them placed.
2. using your hot glue gun, glue the fabric flowers into place.
6. This is then what your finished project should look something like.

Junk Mail Cards

junk mail card

So I was inspired by various pieces of art I have seen around, that utilize old magazine and junk mail, so I decided to start making some “junk mail cards”. In order to do this craft the supplies you will need are:

-card stock
-some junk mail or magazines you are willing to cut up
-scissors and/or a paper cutter and/or and exacto knife and cutting board
-some paper, with a drawn or printed out outline or silhouette of what you want your picture to be

1. cut out the piece of paper your image is on, into a square/rectangle shape for now.
2. take colored pages out of a magazine. Using scissors or a paper cut, cut them into about .5cm strips
3. on the back side of your image, use your glue stick to glue the strips down
4. once you’ve covered the back side with strips, flip it back over
5. using your scissors, or an exacto knife and cutting board, cut out your image.
6. On a piece of cardstock that has been folded in half in order to make a card, glue down your piece of junk mail art.

Happy Earth Day everyone, and hope you enjoy this great way to upcycle that junk mail you keep receiving in your mailbox!

Seed Bomb Tutorial

Seed bombs are balls made from paper or soil that contain seeds within them, and can be dropped in to soil. The balls I’m going to teach you to make involve just some seeds and newspaper.  The great thing about seed bombs is that you don’t really need to bury them, all you need to do is to toss a seed bomb on to some soil and it will hopefully grow into whatever seeds it contains!

To do this project you will need:
1. packets of seeds (try to buy native species to your area, not invasive ones)
2. newspaper
3. a blender

The steps are:
1. Get everything you need for the project together, and tear the newspaper into about 1 inch sized squares, before you put them into the blender.
2. In a blender filled about half way with water, place in a couple handfuls worth of torn up newspaper.

3. Turn on the blender (with its lid on!) until the paper looks like pulp similar to the picture below.
4. Take all the contents from the blender and pour it into a strainer so most of the water runs out.

5. Take a seed and place it into the center of a small amount of pulp. Try to get rid of most of the water from the pulp if you don’t plan to plant these right away as otherwise the seed might start growing.
6. Roll this up into a ball, let it dry (or plant right away), and you have yourself seed bombs! Another option is to put the seed containing pulp into a mold like an ice cube try to get seed bombs in different shapes (ikeas rubber ice trays are great for this).

Knitting: How to do the Knit Stitch

So now that you have already cast on your stitches onto your knitting needle (casting on tutorial here:, then you are ready to being the process of actually knitting. If you learned to cast on the way I taught in my tutorial linked above, then you will notice that there is hardly any difference between casting on, and actually knitting. My suggestion for first time knitters is to make a pot holder or scarf (both are just as easy, but the scarf will be more time consuming as it is bigger) using about 5-6mm knitting needles, and casting on 20-30 stitches (depending on how wide you want it to be). So here is the tutorial for how to do your most basic stitch in knitting, which is the knit stitch:

From  here you do the steps over and over, always knitting the top stitch on the left needle, until you reach the end of the row. At the end of the row, the needles in your two hands are swapped, and you begin again from step one.

Now I promise you your first knitting project will not be your prettiest, but if you save them, they can always make for a great laugh later! Let me know if your are unclear on any of the steps, and as always you can email me at if you are unclear on anything, or have requests for tutorials (knitting or otherwise).

Knitting: how to cast on stitches

click here to jump to how to do the knit stitch:

So I decided I will post on my blog some tutorials explaining the basics of knitting, for those of you who want to learn how to knit. For the first tutorial I will teach how to cast on stitches in knitting. When you read any knitting pattern it will tell you to cast on ___ stitches before you can even begin knitting. Now there is no one single way to cast on, but I will post this tutorial for how I cast on my stitches when knitting.

once you have cast on, you can now learn how to knit:

Book Necklace DIY

So I think it is time for another Anthropologie inspired knock-off craft! I made this super cute book stack necklace the other day. The supplies you will need to make this is:
-some paper (I cut pages from an old book to make the book pages look authentic)
-scrap leather
-white glue
-a hot glue gun
-jewelry twist clasp
-masking tape
and the steps to this with the below pictures are:

1.gather all the supplies needed
2.cut the paper in to tiny rectangular pieces (make these the size you want your book to be)
3.once you have several of these cut out, place them on their side on to a piece of masking tape
4.cut the masking tape so it fits around the first and last page of the book pages as in the picture
5.cut a piece of leather so that it fits as the cover to your book
6.on the inside of the piece of leather spread white glue on it the book pages that inside the piece of leather using a paint brush or your finger, spread some glue so it runs between the pages of the book. This helps it to both keep its shape and stay closed, as well as to an extent making it more waterproof
9.Now make a second book for the necklace
10.put some hot glue on top of the one book, and place the second book on top of it at a slightly different angle use half of a twist clasp and with hot glue, place in the centre on the top of the book stack string on some cord or a chain so that you can wear the necklace around your neck

Hope you enjoyed this craft, especially any of you who are book lovers!