Pencil Crayon Necklace Tutorial #2

Here I am with yet another pencil crayon necklace tutorial. For this necklace though that I made, the supplies needed are:

– pencil crayons
– a pencil sharpener
– a ruler
– an electric drill
– a saw (preferably an electric type of saw. I myself used a scroll saw)
– varnish *optional

The steps with images below are:
1. gather together pencil crayon colours of your choice, for the colours of beads you would like.
2. using a pencil or permanent marker, mark at equal increments, where you want to cut the pencil, for making the same sized beads. For my beads I made them 1.5cm long. The longer your beads, the harder it becomes to drill through, without breaking the entire bead.
3. I place my cut out pieces of pencil crayons in a clap, and used a drill to slowly drill holes into it. Be warned you will break some beads in this process. To avoid doing that, use a quite small drilling bit, and try to drill out only the coloured center of the pencil crayon. To also avoid breaking the bead, it helps to pull the drill out of the bead halfway through, before you continue drilling all the way through it.
4. Finally this step is optional, depending on the look you want to give your bead. I then took my beads and sharpened both ends a little bit, to give it a more unique look. At this point, you may also choose to paint the bead with some type of varnish or acrylic sealer to make the beads last longer, and prevent any chipping. From there string the beads however you would like, with any other beads that you choose to use.

For my last tutorial for a necklace made using pencil crayons, you can go here to see it.


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