DIY Photo Coasters

For Father’s Day, I decided to make for my dad these photo coasters. The supplies you need to make these are:
-tiles (can be found at Rona or Home Depot, 4×4 is a good size to go with)
-photographs (6×4, can be colored or grey scale like mine)
-glue stick
-tacky glue
-felt (self-adhesive felt savers also work)
-clear acrylic sealer, or some type of clear varnish (make sure it’s waterproof)

The steps to make these with images are:

1. Using scissors or a paper cutter, cut your photographs into squares, so that they fit on the coaster, and have a bit of a border around them where the tile is showing.
2. Simply use a gluestick to glue the image on to the tile coaster.
3. From here using your acrylic sealer, or varnish, and paint/spray over the entire photograph and tile. I suggest before you paint on your photograph on the coaster, that you take the end pieces of your photograph and test the varnish or sealer on there to ensure that you like the look, and that is does not in any way discolor your photo.
4. Your final step then is to on the back of the coaster add little cut up felt squares with tacky glue, or use self-adhesive felt savers to allow your coasters to move around the table with out scratching anything.

In total this craft cost me just over $10.00, and the coasters look gorgeous, and are a great conversation piece for when people come over.



  1. Great project for a gift!

  2. Such a great idea. You can’t ever find cute coasters in stores.

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