DIY tea bags with both Chai and Relaxant Tea Recipes!

So I wanted to share with you an idea from to make your own teabags, and with this craft I have devised a couple of different tea recipes, one of which is for chai tea, and the other a relaxant tea using mint leaves, lemon balm leaves, and dried lavender.

To begin with making the tea bags you will need:
-paper coffee filters
-a sewing machine
-a stapler

the steps for making the tea bags are:

1.First what you are going to do is fold your coffee filter in half
2.then cut out the center portion of the coffee filter
3.from here, cut the coffee filter into 1.5-2inch wide pieces are going to then take these two pieces and sew them together

Now for steps five and six, is the point in which you will fill your coffee bag with either loose leaf tea, or else the contents of one of the recipes below (or any other recipe you may have):

Chai Tea Recipe:
-1/2 tsp of minced dried ginger root (or else a pinch of powdered ginger)
-a pinch (1/8tsp) of ground cloves
-a pinch (1/8tsp) of ground cardamom pods
-a pinch (1/8 tsp) of all spice
-2 tsp of powdered milk (this way very little or no milk needs to be added to the recipe)
-1 heaping teaspoon of black tea (optional: I originally tried it with black tea in it, but I found it’s just as yummy without!)
* When making the tea you can add milk and sugar as needed

Relaxant Tea Recipe:
-1 tsp of dried lavendar
-1/2 tsp of crushed dried mint leaves
-1/2 tsp of crushed dried lemon balm leaves
*For this tea when drinking it, you can add in a bit of honey to add to the flavour to it

Now the steps to complete this project are as follows:
7. Fold in corners on an angle, and fold down the top.
8. Staple down the top, while also stapling down your piece of string that is a few inches long.
9. This step is entirely optional and just for looks, but using cut out paper shapes you can on the end of your string glue down a shape with white glue, attaching another piece of paper cut out in the same shape on the other side.
10. Finally your tea bags are complete, and for both recipes should store for at least a few months!

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  1. I love your posts, you always make me want ot be more creative! Definitely going to try some of your ideas! I nominated you for the sunshine award, it’s all yours! check it out:

  2. could it work w/ a drawstring closer instead of the folding and the stapleing? i don’t know .. just a thought .. what do you think?

    • Most likely yes. Just got to make sure the content in the tea bags don’t escape is all.

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