Bird Nest Necklace

I wanted to share with you all my tutorial for the infamous bird nest necklace. To make this necklace you will need 3 beads (whether or not they match is your choice), some crafting wire (at least a meters worth), and a chain to put your pendent on. The tutorial is a relatively quick one, and creates a great look to add to your wardrobe. To make this necklace the steps are:

1. Slide your three beads onto your crafting wire.
2.From here begin wrapping your wire around the three beads dozens of times, till you are satisfied with the appearance of your birds nest.
3.In order to keep the nest together, about 3-4 times around the edge of the nest you will want to go around all the wire for the birds nest as in the picture with your crafting wire, to help hold it together. While doing this make sure to also add a small loop through which you can slide your chain through in order to be able to wear the birds nest.
4. This is about what your necklace should then look like.


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  1. Very cute! Im going to have to try this out!

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