Embroidered Cards Tutorial

Embroidering on cards can create a neat look. In order to do this project you will need:
-card stock paper
-embroidery floss and scissors
-an image you want to embroider on to the card (If you want to use the image that I am using in this tutorial you can find it here
-a sewing needle
-a thumbtack, compass, or pin to poke holes into the card stock
-a piece of cardboard or Styrofoam over which to poke the holes

From here the steps with pictures are:

1. gather all your supplies together, and make your piece of card stock the size you want your card to be.
2. from here, on the front of your card, you will place the image you wish to create where you want it.
3. using a thumbtack or other sharp object, go around making holes in your image, making sure the holes are no more than 1cm apart
4. Once your finished piercing holes you can remove your image from the card. It should then look like this.
5. From here, begin taking your needle and embroidering on your card.
6. This is about what your finished project should look like, depending on the image you choose.

* to find an image to work with you can do a google image search, using “outline” “colouring page” and “silhouette” as some good keywords.


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  1. What a great idea! TFS

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