Spring Flower Necklace Tutorial

So spring is finally here, so I thought I’d share with you how to make this flower necklace to wear. To make this necklace you will need the following supplies:
-a sewing needle
-fabric scissors
-fabric of your choice
-a hot glue gun
-thick chain

The steps to make this then with pictures are:

1. gather all the supplies needed for this craft
2. you are going to now need your ribbon, and your piece of chain through which you will weave the ribbon.
3. to do the weaving through the chain, skip one link in the chain, and put it through the next link in the chain, repeating this.
4. do this for as long as you want your necklace to be (mine is about 24 inches)making sure it’s long enough to go over your head, otherwise you will need to ignore the next part, and add a clasp to the necklace. Assuming it will be big enough to slip over your head, then stitch the ends of the ribbon and chain together (later you can place one of your fabric flowers to go over this, and hide it).

Now the next part of this tutorial will be on how to make the flowers out of your chosen fabric, to add to your necklace. These steps with pictures are:

1. cut out a rectangular piece of fabric about 3 by 6 inches (7 by 14 cm).
2. fold this rectangular piece in half (hot dog style), and loosely stitch along the edge of the two pieces folded together.
3. once stitched along that entire edge, gather the fabric.
4. take the loose ends on either side of the stitched piece and double knot them together as tightly as possible.
5. You will have an edge now on your flower where you will need to stitch the two sides up along the edge.
6. this is now what your flower should look like

Finally we just need to now assemble the entire necklace and attach the flowers to the ribbon a chain. For this part the steps with pictures are:

1. get together all the fabric flowers for your necklace, and decide where you want them placed.
2. using your hot glue gun, glue the fabric flowers into place.
6. This is then what your finished project should look something like.


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  1. Love your ideas! TFS

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