Junk Mail Cards

junk mail card

So I was inspired by various pieces of art I have seen around, that utilize old magazine and junk mail, so I decided to start making some “junk mail cards”. In order to do this craft the supplies you will need are:

-card stock
-some junk mail or magazines you are willing to cut up
-scissors and/or a paper cutter and/or and exacto knife and cutting board
-some paper, with a drawn or printed out outline or silhouette of what you want your picture to be

1. cut out the piece of paper your image is on, into a square/rectangle shape for now.
2. take colored pages out of a magazine. Using scissors or a paper cut, cut them into about .5cm strips
3. on the back side of your image, use your glue stick to glue the strips down
4. once you’ve covered the back side with strips, flip it back over
5. using your scissors, or an exacto knife and cutting board, cut out your image.
6. On a piece of cardstock that has been folded in half in order to make a card, glue down your piece of junk mail art.

Happy Earth Day everyone, and hope you enjoy this great way to upcycle that junk mail you keep receiving in your mailbox!


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