Seed Bomb Tutorial

Seed bombs are balls made from paper or soil that contain seeds within them, and can be dropped in to soil. The balls I’m going to teach you to make involve just some seeds and newspaper.  The great thing about seed bombs is that you don’t really need to bury them, all you need to do is to toss a seed bomb on to some soil and it will hopefully grow into whatever seeds it contains!

To do this project you will need:
1. packets of seeds (try to buy native species to your area, not invasive ones)
2. newspaper
3. a blender

The steps are:
1. Get everything you need for the project together, and tear the newspaper into about 1 inch sized squares, before you put them into the blender.
2. In a blender filled about half way with water, place in a couple handfuls worth of torn up newspaper.

3. Turn on the blender (with its lid on!) until the paper looks like pulp similar to the picture below.
4. Take all the contents from the blender and pour it into a strainer so most of the water runs out.

5. Take a seed and place it into the center of a small amount of pulp. Try to get rid of most of the water from the pulp if you don’t plan to plant these right away as otherwise the seed might start growing.
6. Roll this up into a ball, let it dry (or plant right away), and you have yourself seed bombs! Another option is to put the seed containing pulp into a mold like an ice cube try to get seed bombs in different shapes (ikeas rubber ice trays are great for this).


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