Knitting: How to do the Knit Stitch

So now that you have already cast on your stitches onto your knitting needle (casting on tutorial here:, then you are ready to being the process of actually knitting. If you learned to cast on the way I taught in my tutorial linked above, then you will notice that there is hardly any difference between casting on, and actually knitting. My suggestion for first time knitters is to make a pot holder or scarf (both are just as easy, but the scarf will be more time consuming as it is bigger) using about 5-6mm knitting needles, and casting on 20-30 stitches (depending on how wide you want it to be). So here is the tutorial for how to do your most basic stitch in knitting, which is the knit stitch:

From  here you do the steps over and over, always knitting the top stitch on the left needle, until you reach the end of the row. At the end of the row, the needles in your two hands are swapped, and you begin again from step one.

Now I promise you your first knitting project will not be your prettiest, but if you save them, they can always make for a great laugh later! Let me know if your are unclear on any of the steps, and as always you can email me at if you are unclear on anything, or have requests for tutorials (knitting or otherwise).


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  1. anastasiawraight

    I could’ve used this step-by-step photo tutorial back when I first started knitting. For a long time, I put the yarn on the wrong way around and no one told me any differently. Keep up the good work on these tutorials!

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