Book Necklace DIY

So I think it is time for another Anthropologie inspired knock-off craft! I made this super cute book stack necklace the other day. The supplies you will need to make this is:
-some paper (I cut pages from an old book to make the book pages look authentic)
-scrap leather
-white glue
-a hot glue gun
-jewelry twist clasp
-masking tape
and the steps to this with the below pictures are:

1.gather all the supplies needed
2.cut the paper in to tiny rectangular pieces (make these the size you want your book to be)
3.once you have several of these cut out, place them on their side on to a piece of masking tape
4.cut the masking tape so it fits around the first and last page of the book pages as in the picture
5.cut a piece of leather so that it fits as the cover to your book
6.on the inside of the piece of leather spread white glue on it the book pages that inside the piece of leather using a paint brush or your finger, spread some glue so it runs between the pages of the book. This helps it to both keep its shape and stay closed, as well as to an extent making it more waterproof
9.Now make a second book for the necklace
10.put some hot glue on top of the one book, and place the second book on top of it at a slightly different angle use half of a twist clasp and with hot glue, place in the centre on the top of the book stack string on some cord or a chain so that you can wear the necklace around your neck

Hope you enjoyed this craft, especially any of you who are book lovers!


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  2. What a cute idea!

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