Braided fabric headband (upcycled t-shirt tutorial)

t-shirt headband

Okay, as promised, here is the headband tutorial. This tutorial I got from and for this tutorial you simply need:

-some jersey knit cotton (I used an old t-shirt)
-a needle and thread (or a machine can be used and/or fabric glue)

The steps for this start out essentially the same as for the Flower Necklace tutorial. The steps for this include:

      1. Cut out strips of fabric about 2 inches wide and with a length that is about double the circumference of your head.

2.Pull on both sides of the piece of fabric at the same time, so that it curls inwards

3. so then when done, you should have 5 pieces of fabric that look as in image 3.

4. So from here, you are now going to need to do 5 strand braiding, if you don’t know how to do 5 strand braiding than go to and she has excellent pictures to walk you through the steps as to how to do 5 stranded braiding.

5. Finally you will stitch the headband up at the back and wrap a small piece of fabric around it to cover up the messy stitching, like you can see in the top picture on this article.

* note: I don’t like to sew much and if you don’t either than fabric glue is awesome!

go here to see my tutorial for a matching necklace


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  1. Have to try this! 😀

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