Flower Necklace (upcycled tee-shirt) DIY

flower necklace
So one of my t-shirts started looking pretty ratty so I knew SOMETHING needed to be made out of it so I made this necklace in addition to a matching headband (which I will post in a few days!).

To make this necklace you will need:
– fabric (I used an old t-shirt. Jersey knit cotton is preferred.)
– ribbon or to tie the necklace
– a hot glue gun
– a piece of felt

So the steps along with the pictures below are:

1. Cut strips of fabric about 2 inches wide, and double the circumfrence of your head (For this craft it’s best to use to jersey knit type cotton, although it can be done with any fabric, you just may not get the same rolled effect as in picture 2
2. pull on both sides of the strip at the same time, in order to cause the material to roll inwards.
3. Now your strips should look as in image 3
4. twist the strips before you begin coiling them
5. Begin coiling the strips. For this part you most likely want to use a hot glue gun, and you can either glue it as you go along, or just hot glue on the backside once coiled up.
6. Now you’re going to plan how you want all your glue coils laid out. Your then going to hot glue them like this onto a piece of felt. Then cut out the felt so that it is not visible from the front side. You are also going to cut out ribbon at this time and also hot glue it on to the back (in order to prevent the ends of the ribbon from fraying hold it near a lit candle or a burner on your stove and it will kind of melt it to keep the end from fraying).

There you have it! Let me know if you have any questions, and in a few days I shall post the tutorial for the matching headband! As always you can also email me at rsjewelrydesigns@gmail.com. An additional note I also now have pinterest so you can follow my pins here: http://pinterest.com/rsjewelrydesign/
happy crafting!

Go here to see my tutorial for how to make a matching headband


1 Comment

  1. Ria

    That’s pretty cute! I like the way you made the flowers. It’s a simple method, and I think you could get amazing effects out of it by using patterned cloth too!

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