Knitted Honeycomb skirt

knitted honeycomb skirt

So I finally finished knitting this skirt! My inspiration for it was a knitted honeycomb skirt from Fendi selling for $1,250…sounds like a DIY project for under $5 to me! Okay so to make this skirt your going to need to know how to do ribbing (this is just K1, P1 repeated. Go to this video if you need a tutorial: ) and the second stitch is the faggot stitch (yes, it’s actually called that…but is also known as the “like lace stitch”, which you can learn from this video: ). Okay so now for my skirt I cast on 80 stitches onto 5mm needles. Now my waist is about 24 inches so depending on the yarn you use, your waist size, and the size needles you are using you will need to adjust this to fit you (and yes this may mean a bit of experimenting).

From there I ribbed for about 2 inches, in order to create the waist of the skirt. Then I changed over to using 1cm needles and worked in the faggot stitch for the majority of the skirt (about 26 cm; 11 inches). And then simply back over to the 5 mm needles and in the ribbing stitch knit about 2 inches for the bottom of the skirt.

I know I kept this tutorial quite short so if you have any questions please ask away in the comments, or else email me at and I will happily answer.


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  1. that looks so cute!

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