Jersey Knit Headband

jersey knit headband

So this is a pretty simple craft to make with any old cotton clothing you we’re thinking about throwing out. I am one of those people who never throws out old clothes because I am convinced there is always something that can still be made out of them! For this head band you  first are going to cut up a t-shirt or whatever cotton item you have into strips long enough to go around your head (I’d say about 22 inches) and about 1 inch in width. From there simply pull on the ends of the strips, and it causes that curling effect to occur that you can see in the picture. For my headband I made 8 of these strips, plus one more to wrap on the back of the headband. With those 8 though or however many you make. You’re now after having stretched them so they curled, are going to cut and sew (don’t worry, you can just hand sew) the ends together, making sure the headband is a size that will fit on your head. So now you have 8 or however many loops you made. The final thing you need to do is bind all 8 of those together so have a another strip and just wrap it around all the loops a few times and you can choose to then tie it and tuck in the knot or you can sew this up too. Mine is simply knotted together and this is then just the back of your headband. There you have it, a re-purposed t-shirt turned into a headband!


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  1. Looks nice, I’m wondering though how it looks when you wear it?

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