Wrap Bracelet

wrap bracelet

I’ve seen wrap bracelets around a lot lately and after seeing another one on Anthropologies website I convinced myself that it was time I made one myself!For this I used leather (okay mine is fake leather, I admit), hemp, and then had several glass beads. For the leather your going to need enough to wrap it around your wrist 2x as many time as you want it to. As for the hemp I cut about 2 arms length. S now leather and fold it in half making a loop at the top of it and adding in the hemp (which is not folded in half) and knot the 2. The leather has a loop so that we can create a closure at the end of it. From there the beading process I learned it from beyond bracelets in her video seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRtYRj7hPuw . I will try to explain it here as well but if you prefer video tutorials, then I’d suggest watching her great explanation. Essentially though your going to be weaving the hemp around the two pieces of leather, adding in the beads in this order in the below image you can see I labelled the one piece of leather as 1 and the other as 2 to help for the explanation.

So the steps are:


  1. Take the piece of hemp under leather strand 1
  2. string on a bead
  3. take the hemp then under leather strand 2 and around the outside of it to the top
  4. take the piece of hemp and string it back through the bead
  5. take your hemp and go under leather strand 1 and around the outside to the top

repeat steps 2-5

So keep going till your bracelet wraps around your wrist as many times as you’d like it to. From there I added a button for closure, other options would include leaving the leather strands long enough so you can tie and untie the bracelet easily.

Let me know if you have any questions!



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  1. What a sweet idea – i see these everywhere too and love how simple they are. Can’t wait to try this out. i’ll be sure to leave a picture when i’m done!


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