Homemade paper (cards)

I love making cards, and even more than that, I love making paper for cards! The process to make paper I’m going to explain here allows for paper that is 100% recycled (If you use paper from your recycling bin that is) and gives a great texture to the card. To make paper it requires a wood frame with a mesh screen. As seen below

paper making frame

The process to make paper is simply to put into a blender about 4-5 sheets of paper torn into about 1 inch pieces and fill the blender up about half way with water. If you want coloured paper you can simply put in sheets of paper that are that colored (the best paper to rip up if you want coloured paper is your cheap construction paper, it really adds a lot of dye!). From there you blend it ass long as you like. Less blending times means you have more chunks of paper as you can see in the top right and bottom left card, where there are bigger pieces, blending for longer though than create a much smoother and solid in colour card. At this point, put a plug into your sink, fill it up at least 1/3 with water and add the contents of the blender into the sink as well. The paper pulp will float on top of the water. So now you take your wooden mesh frame and slide it under. From there you just lift it straight up from the bottom of the sink. And on it is your paper. If it didn’t work quite right just dump the pulp back into the sink and try again.  From there it will take around 24 hours to dry, before you can go ahead and remove it. To remove the paper from the frame I suggest sliding a knife all around the edges before lifting it out.


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