Paper Reed Mirror

paper reed mirror

So for my friends birthday as a broke college student and all I crafted for her this mirror in a few hours. It’s fairly simply to do, and made up of rolled up paper from magazines. As for the mirror it cost me $2.99 from Ikea! Picked up a couple extra mirrors as their are always gifts needing to be made so always useful to have a couple more around I figured! The idea for this comes from Diane Gilleland on who made a post on how to create these paper reeds and in her case style them on a box. I’m going to do a slightly more condensed tutorial for this mirror, but If you want something even more in depth I suggest going to the above link and checking her out.

What you’re going to do this is rip out magazine pages and cut them into half. Then take a bamboo skewer or a knitting needle (I suggest no more than 5mm in width) and starting at the torn end (if there is one) begin rolling it on a diagonal as in the image below (don’t let it confuse you that I’m doing it in the picture with a full magazine page and note a half one). Then use a glue stick to seal the paper reed at the end.

rolling paper reed

So keep doing this until you have as many as you think you need (you can always make more). From there I used tacky glue to attach the paper reeds to the wooden mirror frame. Just smear a layer of the glue on with a paint brush and cut the reeds to the length needed. For the corners it’s a bit more tricky, you are going to bend the reeds in half so they are bent at a 90 degree angle and cut the ends as well as needed (this part will be a bit more frustrating). Once all is glued and dried then you can give it a finish. For this part I used modge podge, but watered down white glue is essentially the same thing. So use the modge podge and paint over it and it dries shiny and hardens it. I would suggest giving it a second coat as well once the first coat it dry. Your mirror (or whatever else you used this new technique on) is now complete!


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