Reusable knitted Produce Bags

knitted produce bag

So I’m getting into the whole eco friendly thing, and despite it being only February I’ve already started on making my mothers day gift to my mom. I knitted the first of what I hope to be 5 bags for her to use in buying produce; instead of your typical plastic bag. I knitted using fairly fine yarn on about 1cm wide knitting needles. I cast on about 5 stitches for this one and knitted it till it was about 11 inches in length. At the very top of the bag I switched to using 5mm needles and did a row of all knit forward and knit back stitch/aka your bar stitch so that it would be the same width, just tighter knitting. If you don’t know this stitch you can watch this video on youtube Continue this for about ¾ of an inch. Then cast of your knitting. Your gonna then sew up the bottom and side of your bag. For the top of the bag now your gonna need some type of a cord and just stitch it in and out of your stitches to create a drawstring. You can see this better in the image below.

knitted produce bag drawstring

This bag is perfect for buying produce and the stitches are small enough fruits and veggies won’t fall through, but big enough cashiers can still see the codes on the fruits and veggies. Not to mention the bag is essentially weightless. You can ask any questions you have in the comments or email me as


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  1. 5 bags! Lucky mom 🙂

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