Friendship bracelets

friendship bracelets

I admit it, I love friendship bracelets. Any only recently did I make my way back to this form of jewelry making. Hey, it was in fashion this summer! I just keep it in fashion all year round! It’s not quite like the old days where we all made friendship bracelets and traded them. Now a days it’s more like I’m the only one of my friends who knows how to make these so I have become a little sweat shop. Still I don’t mind, it’s a lot of fun to do while just sitting around watching TV. Anyways if you’d like to make these friendship bracelets or any other friendship bracelet for that matter I myself am not going to do a tutorial, but I will instead refer you to BeyondBracelets on Youtube as that is where I went to relearn the art of friendship bracelet making. Here is the link to her channel: and to do the bracelets in this picture the link is: . Other than that some great other sites would be Heathers Friendship Bracelets: or . Hope you can find your inner child and take up this nostalgic summer camp craft again!



  1. I totally know what you mean about friends forcing you into a sweatshop production situation. Sometimes it’s hard to be so crafty! Love your friendship bracelets, they’re so colorful and harken back to fond childhood memories.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my page, your’s is pretty great as well!

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