Upcycled Pencil Crayon Necklace

pencil crayon necklace

I made this necklace the other day using short pencil crayons, no longer any good for colouring. I found this idea while googling eco friendly recycled jewelry; and figured I should try it out. I cut the pencil crayons to the size I wanted using an electric scroll saw, however you should be fine with any saw (even if it’s not an electric one). I also had to use the hand drill to make the hole for beading them. I made sure to mark them with a permanent marker before cutting and drilling. After cut and drilled from there you have your pencil crayon beads and can string as many of them as you like however you want! The necklace is certainly an attention grabber, but who says women can’t use power tools! The options seem almost endless as to what you can make jewelry out of…



  1. myrheality

    you should sell your makes! They’e are really creative and I’m sure people would pay for this!


  1. Summer Saturday Top 10: Crafty Upcycles/Repurposes | This is the Crafty One

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