Melted Crayons on Canvas Art

crayon canvas

So I’ve seen this idea thrown around the web a few times before. This is simply a canvas with melted crayons on it. The process is quite cheap, quick, easy, and creates such a cool look. The basics of creating this though requires: a canvas, crayons, a hot glue gun, and a blow dryer. Simply take a pack of crayons (now I used all the colours in the pack, however you could choose to just use warm or cool colours) and place them in the order you like.  From there you simply use hot glue gun to put all the crayons onto a canvas. Now you’re going to go through the process of melting the crayons using a blow dryer. Now I warn you the crayons can splatter so I would cover the wall behind you with an old sheet or something. I did this process with the canvas standing leaning against the wall to help the crayons run down. From there simply aim the dryer and it will take a couple of minutes before the crayons start melting. Then simply play around with the hair dryer aiming it in ways to make the crayons run down the canvas in a cool design. This can even be a great craft for kids to do! A final note I have not tried this with other crayons aside from crayola. I know there are some other cheap brands out there, but I can’t promise you how well they work, as well their colors often aren’t as vibrant.



  1. SUCH a cool idea!

  2. Love it!

  3. i’m in school right now majoring in EC-6th education, and i tried this in one of my art classes and although i got it to work, yours looks way better than mine did !!!


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