Circuit Board Jewelry

Recently I made this necklace charm by chopping up a PCB/circuit board out of an old electronic item. I had to use a screw driver to pry open in this case a remote to get out the circuit board. From there I’ve been told hand saws can work for this in terms of cutting it, and I tried it myself, and frankly it did not seem to cut. However it can be easily cut by any type of electric saw, be it a band saw, or in my case I used a scroll saw. From there I simply drew with a permanent marker where I wanted to cut it and cut it out in shape and size  I wanted. Next you will need to drill a hole. I used a hand drill and used a clamp to hold it in place while drilling out the hole. Finally you’ll notice the edges will be rough with some copper wire sticking out which can be sharp. Simply get a piece of sandpaper and sand it down a bit till the edges are no longer sharp. From there I attached a jump ring to the hole I made and simply added on a chain I had lying around. There you go, a way to show off your inner geek!

Let me know if you have any questions!



  1. mhalpin22

    I made a bracelet out of resistors once, I love nerdy jewelry! Good work.

  2. I need to find out if my dad has his old electronics stuff hanging around somewhere still!

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